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Process Intelligence Ltd. is the ARIS specialist!

Process Intelligence Ltd. knows Business Process Management! BPM is what we do, it is our fundamental expertise. We truly believe that BPM starts with process model. Starting from process models one can do analysis, simulation, optimization, any kind of process related initiative. But, process models are not enough! There is much more needed to get the best out of process models, to get true value from BPM. Any company, any organization needs process awareness, process orientation, needs initiatives like compliancy, cost-cutting, innovation. These initiatives are different, have different goals and ask for a specific approach. We have such approach, we know how to do it!

Why process intelligence? Because it is the most innovative, the most advanced part of BPM lifecycle. Process Intelligence delivers an unprecedented combination of corporate and process control at the strategic, tactical, and operational level. If KPIs (such as time, cost, quality, or risk) deviate from anticipated values, the causes can be analyzed within business processes. After all, it’s hard to fix things without knowing the cause of the problem.

If you want to know more about PI concept – just give us a call!

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