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Tackle Cloud Transformation with Software AG and AWS

Optimizing your cloud operations is a challenge if you don’t have the visibility to understand process conflicts and dependencies, or to identify overlapping, redundant, and obsolete systems. Additionally, expansive IT landscapes often force personnel to spend too much time and money understanding a situation rather than acting on it.

Together, Software AG and Amazon Web Services (AWS) can simplify your cloud transformation with range of solutions. Alfabet and ARIS are IT discovery and planning tools that provide visibility into the IT impacts of your changing cloud environment. Software AG’s webMethods is a complete integration platform for your cloud applications. If you’re focused on IoT adoption, Cumulocity IoT enables you to accelerate your IoT connectivity so you can manage devices and customer relationships in innovative ways.

Software AG’s deep integration with your AWS environment helps you:

Reshape business processes upon migration by understanding their dependencies and overlaps

Perpetually redesign business processes for optimal cloud sourcing

Transform your AWS environment by continually monitoring and evaluating your cloud landscape

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