Emircom is one of the largest systems integrators in the UAE and has a strong customer focus in terms of understanding customer business requirements that is translated into quality delivery. The satisfaction of customers, both external and internal, is the primary focus of our quality management activities. Emircom is part of Al Nuwais Investment Group. Headquarters are in Abu Dhabi with offices/branches in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Saudi Arabia.

Emircom employs 500+ professionals where around 50% of the employees are in the services and delivery discipline. For nearly three decades, Emircom has been the ICT partner of choice for many of the most challenging projects in UAE and KSA. Backed by a team of highly qualified professionals, a powerful vision and strong management, Emircom is poised to take its rightful place as trendsetters in the pursuit of excellence. We are servicing a wide customer base, including service providers, governments, educational institutes, finance houses and healthcare organizations. Organizations are striving to digitally transform and innovate, following the steps of Uber, Airbnb and Alibaba, to make sure they stay in business and avoid facing the fate of Kodak, Borders and Blockbusters. They will all evolve in the quest of providing the best possible customer experience. At Emircom, we believe that the next year’s digital transformation trends will take center stage: AI, IoT, smart cities, advanced analytics, integration, AR, VR, UX/CX and blockchain.

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