We are Babel, an international team with more than 3.200 proffesionals with presence in ten countries (Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Chile, México, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, República Dominicana y Panamá) and a turnover of more 180 Million euros. We are professionals highly specialized in cutting-edge technologies whose mission is to accompany customers in their digital business challenges and processes, betting on diversification: new clients, new sectors, and we incorporated a 24x7 security operations center (ISO 27000, ISO 2000, CSIRT, ENS, FIRST).

Training. Authorized Partner of the Educational Services. BABEL has a team of trainers certified in the Software AG platforms, with +30 years experience in training and change management.

Infrastructure Modernization by virtualisation of the solutions, A&N rehosting, relocate in private, public, or hybrid cloud.

Architecture Modernization to meet your needs for application, microservices, data partitioning.

A&N Application Modernization, refactoring with Natural Engineer, API Management, Application Integration, B2B integration, Blockchain etc.

Services Managed, installation, upgrade, support, performance and tunning, architecture recommendations, etc. of all Software AG platforms: IoT & Analytics, API, Integration & Microservices, Business Process Transformation, IT Transformation and A&N.

Implementation, Technology, Sales and Solution Partner.

Industry Expertise

• Banking
• Electric and Gas Utilities
• Energy Resources and Processing
• General Retailers
• Hospital
• Information Technology Services and Software
• Insurance (other than Health)
• Local and Regional Government
• Securities
• Wholesale Trade

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